Ceci n'est pas un coucher de soleil.
this image was taken over in France where the weather is much nicer than in Germany
hi, i’m niels

n (.) muendler (at) posteo (.) de

I study Informatics

This is what I usually say when people ask me what I do. English natives like to call this “computer science”. But trust me, Informatics is something completely different.

I started my B.Sc. in 2017 at TUM, spend the latter half of 2019 at NUS (can’t call that autumn over there really). I graduated from that and study M.Sc. CS at ETH from fall 2021.

I like working with Isabelle/HOL and Python (usually these fields do not overlap however). If you are interested in my CS related stuff, head over to my github page

I talk to non-CS people too

Currently, I mostly do that at B√ľKE, EJM and Haydee! e.V.