this image was taken over in Indonesia where the weather is much nicer than in Germany
hi, i’m niels

n (.) muendler (at) posteo (.) de

I study Informatics

This is what I usually say when people ask me what I do. English natives like to call this “computer science”. But trust me, Informatics is something completely different.

I started my B.Sc. in 2017 at TUM, spent the second half of 2019 at NUS (can’t call it fall over there really). I graduated and study M.Sc. CS at ETH since fall 2021.

I like working with Isabelle/HOL and Python (usually these fields do not overlap). If you are interested in my CS related stuff, head over to my github page.

You can also find me on Mastodon and Twitter

I talk to non-CS people too

Currently, I mostly do that at B√ľKE, EJM and Haydee! e.V.